Gift Packages + Vouchers

Here at FUME we are all about providing a good service with a unique product, something that can wow! Our hand-crafted collections are original and will make quite an impression especially as a gift whether corporate or personal.

If you require the ultimate gift package for your precious clients or someone special please contact us. We have a range of options and budgets to suit any valued recipient.  

Gift Vouchers

FUME also provides electronic gift vouchers and we still offer FREE shipping with gift voucher spending sprees . All you need to do is email FUME requesting a voucher for the nominated amount, make a deposit into FUME's account, and an electronic voucher will be emailed to you.  You can even nominate a personalised coupon code at checkout to make it all the more special :).  

For enquiries about our service please contact us for a chat or flick us an email.

E | info@fumeproducts.com
P | +64 9 473 0014